Leads Management System

Portfolio Details

  • Category: Web Application
  • Company Name: Pro Legal Leads
  • Used Technology: Drupal, Core PHP & MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery & Ajax


Client Story cum Requirements

The client is a top-notch name in the USA law industry and has already achieved great aim, name and fame. With a well acclaimed legal lead management site, the client came to us seeking a solution for managing the incoming flow of legal leads.

Being a legal Leads management site, it was not easy for the client to manually manage leads (legal queries), distribute them to the related and best suited lawyers or other related individuals, the client wants us to develop a system that can do everything from combination defined search (lead details matching registered users’ defined details) to send SMS alerts, automatically. Precisely, the client requirements were:

  • Develop a Lead Management System for automatic lead assigning; Follow Up, Call Back Folders etc.
  • Fully Customizable Auto Responder to follow subscribers and customers via emails and SMSs.
  • SMS alert system informing attorneys in real time whenever there is a new lead and/or related follow up emails.
  • Accessible to authorized users only (not limited to attorneys only).
  • Powerful admin panel to customize lead price, discount, ipblocker etc.
  • Register users can chose Daily Lead Limit.
  • User can pause and resume Lead Flow anytime.
  • User can select and unselect desired states from where S/he wish to receive leads.

Not only the afore mentioned, the clients also wants a solution by which Admin as well as the registered users can check till date Orders, Update CIM profile (payment mode), Edit profile, Search leads within a time frame, Check their leads, Set order priority, and can even halt orders.

Dialogues, Discussions, Debates – The Solution

Seeking a solution matching to client’s exact requirements while maintaining his eminence and goodwill in the industry was actually a filthy task; it took number of dialogues, debates and discussions to reach the final solution – a Lead  Management System.

The solution actually is more than just the Lead Management System and we might call it:

  • Email management System.
  • Lead Replacement system.
  • Lead Quality control system.
  • Lead distribution system.
  • Resource management system.

But as they say “the client is always right” the Lead Management System is the chosen name for the solution.

To develop a system that can flawlessly, faultlessly and of course automatically maintain and allocate legal leads while accomplishing other requirements, best development techniques like Core PHP, MY SQL, JS, Jquery, and AJAX were used.

So, the “seeking solution” task for the first set of requirements has been accomplished but the second set was still waiting for the fix.  After thorough consideration of client’s requisites and intense thought process, we decided to develop a web app, namely “Lead Management App”. To develop this web application DRUPAL was used.

Warning, Challenges Ahead!!

Yes, there were challenges as well in the way of developing the Lead Management System and the web app “Lead Management App”. Some of them are detailed below:

  1. With increase in Demand the lead management software required lot of new things to keep in demand achieving customers’ requirements, hence there were daily new requirements, resulted in daily new implements.
  2. Huge and critical database to handle as thousands of leads are received every day. Thus there is no scope of error. The expert handling the database has to be sincerely devoted and concentrated on database optimization.
  3. Timely maintenance of database to avoid any hotchpotch which demand an expertise and hawk eye to check and update minute updates.
  4. Identify Spam and fake leads, also manage them accordingly.
  5. Avoid Duplicity to keep both client and customer on back and safe side.

All these challenges were trounced effectively by providing logical calculations and fixes by our team of professionals. For 1, 2 & 3 challenges, we positioned best of our professionals to implement daily changes and keeping an eye on the database while maintaining it efficiently. To check Spam and fake leads (4th challenge), latest spam and data filtration techniques were applied. For the 5th issue, smart code with smart filtration techniques were implemented with exclusive lead distribution with demand of Cross lead dispense, i.e. whether same lead have been allocated to two different users.

The Complexity Part

Although, we found the solutions to defeat the aforementioned challenges but achieving the solutions was not that easy and simple. There were lots of complexities waiting for our developers in the way.

1. First of all, there is not only 1 or 2 sources from where client is collecting its raw data (legal queries), it was imperative for us to keep an eye on its connections with number of websites, web applications, sellers and servers. It’s a web of web stuffs.

To maintain database uninterrupted and lead distribution process unaffected, a connectivity checking application was developed which provide instant real time information about any failure in lead management software resources.

2. Next hurdle was implementation of HTTP Ping Post.  This is the common need of a lead management software where customer/client want us to add data to their server directly instead of just mailing.

We provided an easy to use HTTP ping post application integrated with the lead management software. With the power of DRUPAL architecture we created a small plugin that could be used by every user of software easily and can add there details for HTTP ping post.

3. Next hurdle was Lead Quality control: No lead management system can accept every type of lead and this goes with our Lead Management Software too. And it doubles the complexity when client require leads based on licensed and non-licensed states, country wise and in more depth zip code wise.

Checking and filtration of leads before they hit database is the key solution for this issue. Actually, why should someone accept something that’s not of use at all and why to leave something which can help the growth of business manifolds? Thus we used Leads Quality Control module which indeed helped out the client a lot that he proposes to use the concept in his another business as well.

4. The next hurdle was Auto Renewals: Auto renewals of account on yearly, monthly, weekly basis seems so easy and simple but our client asks us for Auto renewal of account on the basis of lead count, lead cost, lead state and more interestingly, on the basis of maximum lead price comparing with the all other buyers in the system. But No Worries, We have solution for this too.

We provided a renewal system that works on the basis of lead distribution system, check lead and compare it with the buyers requirements if they need it, renew the account and send it. Otherwise they keep the lead rolling to another buyer and so on. Client complexity, Our simple solution.

5. Another issue was not to miss any shot: 1000’s of leads coming a day and millions in a month, thus it was quite difficult for us to keep track of accounts and generate reports that are easy to understand and simple in calculation. After all every penny counts.

For this issue, report management system was used that help buyers as well as admins to know how much of their money is spent where. Coupled with this, Integrated User friendly pie charts, graphs and listings are also used to keep every user happy.

The Outcome – The Applauds

Finally, the result is here – a Lead Management System is developed and ready to use which is a pure combination of Drupal 7 and PHP core framework. The system is developed and brings to its maturity level in different phases that includes thousand hours of QA, testing and development. The team work made it possible and made a great tool to handle hefty traffic of legal leads submission and distribution, HTTP ping posts, request and responses from visitors and members.