Portfolio Details

  • Category: Web Development
  • Company Name: Bigfundraising
  • Used Technology: Drupal, Core PHP & MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS & jQuery


In our society, there are some sectors which need helps to develop e.g. orphanages, charity hospitals etc. and as a responsible citizen we all want to help and raise funds for a cause. But it takes a lot of time and will power to do the same. Our client Indy Sangha came up with a great innovative idea and great name for the project Big Fundraising. With this project any user can contribute to a cause by connecting online and with a click s/he can donate unused items which will be converted into cash by the system.

Our client has this revolutionary idea of raising funds by providing users a web portal through which they can raise funds for any cause very easily and quickly. Some of the requirements were like any other website development requirement but some are completely new. Here are some of those requirements:

  1. Manual editing was required in some automatic modules.
  2. To create such page where user can feed details about their unwanted products like DVDs, Video Games & other items to fundraise/sell.
  3. A multi-step form to get the user &item information like where to send the products, mode of delivery e.g. courier/personal visit, location of pickup of item, notification, e-mail activation and verification after filling-up the form.
  4. Lastly, to make a dashboard to see all the donor’s details like donor name, fundraising target, fundraising amounts (in pound), total fundraising amount (in pound) till the date, donated dates respectively etc.

After clear understanding of requirements we were ready to face the challenges and complexities of the task. The main challenge was to create a theme and functional user interface as per client’s requirement. Since it is a fundraising site, to maintain the authenticity and genuineness of the site, many terms and conditions were required to fulfill so that the user has a sense of satisfaction of his/her noble act and it also reduces the chance of any conflict. Some of the other challenges were:

  1. To create multi-steps form with many terms and conditions.
  2. Giving manual handling to automatic modules.
  3. E-mail notification management with different conditions. One must receive e-mail notification either s/he opted courier system, personal handover at physical address, or make a pick-up request.
  4. Admin interface to see the donor details with dynamic value changes.


There were many technical complexities but they were successfully handled by best existing coding languages such as CSS, Drupal, Drupal core, Webform, Jquery and some other modules. Some of the complexities were quite notable such as:

  1. There were many conditions to create multi-step form to create a fundraising page but was successfully created by using Drupal Core, Webform, and some other modules & jQuery.
  2. E-mail notification on the basis of different conditions had created some difficulties but these hurdles were crossed with the help of PHP scripts & MySQL for its functionality.
  3. Admin interface for the donor’s details (as dashboard) was another tough stuff to do thus we used Drupal Core, Webform, Views modules, Core PHP and MySQL to complete this.
  4. Another issue was tackled while developing a delivery system. Using this system, any donator can donate his/her items by using courier service available on the website. Once the request for delivery by courier made, an e-mail will be send to the admin as well as the donator. To resolve the issues for the same system, customize module “courier_request” was developed with the help of PHP, MySQL and Drupal Core functionality.

The final outcome has a genuine and authentic web portal for fundraising which can be used by any age group in very simple ways. People who want to contribute can register themselves on the site and donate their unwanted but functional items to the site. They can either drop these items on the drop off venue or send them directly to the site. The donations made to the site were processed and converted into cash by using a unique media pricing system and the generated amount will be applied to user’s account. User will then receive a cheque or bank transfer for this cash amount every month to help towards your fundraising targets.  The client responded to our efforts with great appreciation.